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Pika cup pokemon stadium

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Moon Yes Golem * 16 In the Japanese Blue, trade a Kadabra for a Graveler at the Cinnabar Island lab.
But worse (Dragonair with Dragon Rage!).Cup, tournaments, you must select six, pokemon.Yes Scyther Y 15 Kanto Safari Zone Yes Jynx RB Y * 15 Catch a low level Poliwhirl Y, then trade for a Jynx in Cerulean City.Pika, cup is the lowest-level, stadium, cup in Pokémon, stadium.I had Lapras as my third choice for this battle.Fisher - Level 15 Machamp, Level 15 Golem, Level 15 Starmie, Level 15 Kangaskhan, Level 20 Alakazam, star casino play online Level 20 Dragonair.Lass - Level 15 Rhydon, Level 15 Cloyster, Level 15 Clefable, Level 15 Jynx, Level 20 Arcanine, Level 20 Gyarados.No Banned Pokémon Pokémon Class Ignoring glitches and tradebacks from Generation II, the following Pokémon may be legitimately obtained and entered into the cup.An eligible Golem cannot be obtained in the international Generation I games.Bulbasaur RB Y 15 Starter Pokémon RB ; Cerulean City Y Yes Ivysaur RB Y 16 Evolve Bulbasaur Yes* Charmander RB Y 15 Starter Pokémon RB ; Route 24 Y Yes Charmeleon RB Y 16 Evolve Charmander Yes* Squirtle RB Y 15 Starter Pokémon.Butterfree, weedle, kakuna, beedrill, pidgey, pidgeotto, rattata.A level 15 Machamp is obtainable through a tradeback, but a level 15 Golem is not legitimately obtainable outside of Japan.Burglar uses a level 15 Tentacruel in Round 2, which is unobtainable without glitches.Pokémon Illegal Pokémon Several of the Trainers use underleveled Pokémon.No Venonat Y 15 Route 24 Yes Diglett RB Y 15 Diglett's Cave Yes Dugtrio RB Y * 15 Catch a low level Slowbro Y, then trade it for Lickitung at the Route 17 gate.No 28 Machamp GS C 15 Evolve Machoke.But the first attempt to win the battle, Kangaskhan appeared as the first opponent and messed the whole plan.No Exeggcute Y 20 Kanto Safari Zone Yes* Exeggutor Y 20 Evolve Exeggcute Yes* Cubone Y 16 Kanto Safari Zone Yes* Hitmonlee RB Y 20 Possible reward for clearing the Gym Leader Castle No Hitmonchan RB Y 20 Possible reward for clearing the Gym Leader.