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Peek poke c

BBC basic, used on the BBC Micro and other Acorn Computers machines, did not feature the keywords peek and poke but used the question mark symbol?
Peek and poke are used in Applesoft basic to look at (peek) the contents of or put (poke) a value in to a specific memory address.
You're talking Intel, with the seg's right? Far pointers can be created into other segments by using (in MSC) the FP_SEG and FP_OFF macros., ray Dunn at home Beaconsfield, Quebec Phone: (514) 630 3749.My advice: Stay away from peek and poke.For example, TopSpeed C does this: #define poke(a,b,c) int far MK_FP(a b) (int c) #define pokeb(a,b,c) char far MK_FP(a b) (char c) #define peek(a,b) int far MK_FP(a b) #define peekb(a,b) char far MK_FP(a b) where a is a segment (or selector.And you got ptpeek and ptpoke which you can call with any type of pointer.I need it for my dreams.Now you debug: Click Line 5 to place the cursor at that location.On the PC you can create an absolute memory address so long as you define the pointer to be of type far.For example: DIM W 4 : REM reserve 4 bytes of memory, pointed to by integer variable W?W 42 : REM store constant 42; equivalent of 'poke W, 42' print?W : REM print the byte pointed to by W; equivalent of 'print peek(W 42 32-bit.C: int main short *p; short a; a 65; p a; return 0; This code generates no output, which is why you dont need the stdio.These commands should terrify you now, but in the realm of a single-user, single-tasking computer, they were fun. Two ways: 32-bit address constants and a MK_FP call.In next weeks Lesson, Ill show you a memory map where you can view the value and marvel at its brilliance.Memory cells and hardware registers edit omaha poker odds calculator free The address locations that are poked or peeked at may refer either to ordinary memory cells or to memory-mapped hardware registers of I/O units or support chips such as sound chips and video graphics chips, or even to memory-mapped.Also, some 8-bit machines had basic dialects with 16-bit peek and poke, such as the East-German "Kleincomputer" KC85/1 (aka Z9001) and KC87, manufactured by VEB robotron - Meßelektronik "Otto Schön", which implemented deek and doke.What happened to pointers?Setting or reading a 16-bit value on such machines therefore required two peek or two poke as well as some algebratypically, something like peek A256*peek(A1) in order to read a 16-bit integer value at address A, while something like poke A V AND 255) followed.AND folks, please, don't go blathering about "portability".For the Apple II, a poster-sized sheet of Peeks and Pokes (.And check the box to Create Debug Configuration.

 Check your manual.
However, if you are writing a standalone program, you will be able to access physical addresses using assignment statements.
 Peek and poke are not standard C functions.