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Franco lotti padre pio

Questa causa tanto mi opprime, mi rende infelice e io prometto che sarò fedele alla Chiesa e ai Sacramenti ma desidero con tutto il cuore il tuo aiuto, il tuo soccorso.
Lotti Luciano, editore, padre Pio da Pietrelcina, eAN.
Bignamis report then concludes: "This seems to be the most reliable interpretation of the facts that I have observed.
Thus, he essentially proposes a three stage process a pathological origin of the wounds, then the influence of autosuggestion to explain their symmetrical location, and finally the use of a chemical to sustain the wounds over time.The Voice of Padre Pio magazine, published by Padre Pio's Friary in best black ink for stick and poke Italy, is available via The Padre Pio Foundation and The National Centre for Padre Pio.Grazie madre santa per tutto quello che fai per me e per aver risolto questa mia causa.On the eighth and last day so much blood issued from Padre Pios hands during his Mass that the friars had to send for some handkerchiefs so that the Padre could dry them.Paolino wrote: "It seemed to us that it was a very clear sign from God against the arguments of Professor Bignami." (18).The Capuchin friars were extremely willing to undertake this task."The Padre Pio Question and Bias in the Media.Primo giorno, maria, amata madre mia sono qui ai tuoi piedi per implorarti pietà.A large spate of articles soon followed both in print and online, which cast doubt upon the authenticity of Padre Pio's stigmata.Padre Pietro made the friars swear that they would scrupulously follow the directives.Now they would be able to see for themselves the stigmata that Padre Pio was always so careful to conceal even from his brothers in religion.His five-page report then proceeds to describe in detail the anatomical and histological characteristics of Padre Pios wounds (10).Padre Pietro of Ischitella, the Provincial of the Capuchin Province to which belonged the Capuchin Friary of Our Lady of Grace at San Giovanni Rotondo.He rules out the first option, writing that the "impression of sincerity that Padre Pio has made on me" does not allow him to consider the possibility of deliberate simulation as the cause of the wounds (11).First, any chemicals found in Padre Pios room should be removed (the only chemical found there was iodine)."In the morning, before he ascended the altar to celebrate Mass, we unbound the hands, and in order prevent blood from staining the vestments and altar cloths, one of us every so often dried the wounds with a cotton wad.".The Father Provincial of the Capuchins, Pietro Ischitella, agreed to the procedure.In his report, the professor proposes three hypotheses for the origin of the wounds on Padre Pio.During his short stay he examined Padre Pio several times.Insegnami ad essere perseverante nella preghiera, nella fede e nella grazia di Dio.Maria delle cause impossibili prega per me e per tutti i tuoi figli tanto amati.
Tu per conto di Dio puoi operare meraviglie.

The Huffington Post reported that the book suggests that italian saint Padre Pio reportedly used carbolic acid on his hands, feet and sides to self-inflict the wounds" (4).